stat-ychastnikom«Rehabilitation center»

The program of medical care to military personnel and volunteers, were wounded in the war zone ATO.<Read more…>

«Nobody is forgotten»

The program of assistance to the families of fallen soldiers in the war zone ATO.<Read more…>

«Patriots of Ukraine»

Programme of Assistance to the Ukrainian army and volunteer battalions who are fighting in the area of the ATO.<Read more…>

«The scientific potential for the benefit of the people»

Program to promote the development of scientific and technical potential of our country.<Read more…>

«Ensuring food for the people who in need of help and support»

The program aims to provide charitable assistance as an food kits.<Read more…>

«Internally displaced persons»

Programme of Assistance to displaced people in Ukraine.<Read more…>

«Black soil of Ukraine»

The program of development of the agricultural sector in Ukraine.<Read more…>